Key Product Features

Modern, superior, professional controls & components to deliver outstanding user experience

Controls & Components

Siticone Framework has extensively developed controls, here are a few examples

Advance Radial Gauge

Siticone contains an advanced radial gauge control with extensive customization features and options

Advance Rating Control

We have an advanced Siticone rating control with support for color changes, whole and decimal values types

Advance Panel Control

Our advanced panel control support panel shadow, shadow depth, shadow color and shadow type

Advance Radio Button

The Advanced Radio Button control supports smooth animations and effects on mouse events

Advance Virtual Card

Siticone advanced bank card control mimicks the real Bank Card and is desirable for user interface design

Advance Progress Bar

The advanced progress bar accepts custom & gradient BackColor. You can change the control's orientation

Advance CheckBox

The Siticone Advanced CheckBox control supports animations and effects on mouse & click events

Advance Menu Button

The Siticone menu button control allows you to create animated menu buttons and can change menu icons

Advance Tab Button

The Tab Button control is ideal for creating custom tabs. You can change hover and selection color, etc

Advance Nav Button

The Nav Button control is ideal for creating navigation menus. You can change hover and selection color, etc

Advance Chip Control

The Chip control allows you to conveniently display informaton and support extensive customization

Advance Control Box

Our control box makes it super easy to add custom control box with all advanced features enabled by default

Material Button

Add android style button in your winforms. By default all animations, effects and pro features are enabled

Advance Datagrid View

Our Advance DataGridView supports more than 30 themes out of the box to make customization faster and quicker

Advance TextBox Control

Siticone textbox controls range from Material to Advance. In some, an algorithm counts the input characters

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